100% electric and emission-free

New Cool Trailer uses battery powered 100% emission-free refrigeration unit.

Boom Transport brings a new environmentally friendly refrigerated trailer into service for supply to Great Britain.

Venray, 04-11-2019 - Boom Transport brings a new environmentally friendly refrigerated trailer into service. The THT New Cool, an innovative concept with 100% emission-free electric transport cooling. Boom Transport deploys the trailer for customer Hessing. With this new trailer Boom and Hessing take a huge step in making transport to Great Britain more sustainable.

The New Cool trailer controls the refrigeration unit by means of a battery pack instead of a diesel engine. This means that there is zero CO2 emission nor emission of Particulate Matter (PM). In addition the unit is quiet. The noise is far below the peak standard and the refrigeration unit works independently from the tractor unit. The required power is supplied by an external charging cable, but also by recovering braking energy along the way. The new trailer will be used for the Hessing location in Belfeld, the Netherlands. From there Hessing supplies the British market with freshly cut lettuce products, cucumber and tomato.

“As initiator and ambassador I am extremely proud that the THT New Cool concept is so well received in the logistic industry. Boom Transport will cross channel to Great Britain with the New Cool. A milestone and an ambitious step", says Twan Heetkamp.

“Ambitious but also necessary. Eventually London will also become an emission-free city. For our customers we deliver all over the UK including directly to the City of London. We therefore welcome developments such as the New Cool, " adds Boy Boom.

Boom Transport specializes in chilled and frozen haulage to and from the United Kingdom. With almost 100 years of experience Boom proved to be a reliable logistics partner for its customers in the food sector. Peter Boom explains: “We deliver 30.000 shipments per annum. Our drivers cross over to England more than 7000 times ”

Marcel Moonen, site manager Hessing Belfeld, is happy with this development. “From Belfeld, we deliver daily to Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and Denmark. Our goal is to do this as energy efficient as possible and to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. We therefore welcome this new concept, which enables us to deliver our fruit and vegetables sustainably without compromising the quality that our customers expect from us. "

Photo:Twan Heetkamp delivers the New Cool to Boy Boom. By doing so Boom and Heetkamp mark a new step in their ongoing collaboration.

100% electric and emission-free
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